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Buffalo mozzarella with black tomatoes, basil pesto and pineapple puree with chilli, toast 219, - ...

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Gratinated goat cheese with beets and balsamic reduction

Gratinated goat cheese in smoky salt and sugar, beetroot tartare with thyme and raspberry balsamic r ...

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Spaghetti s italskou klobásou "Salsiccia" a chřestem

Víkendová specialita šéfkuchaře: Spaghetti s italskou klobásou "Salsiccia" a chřestem 219, ...

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Ristorante Prosecco

Ristorante Prosecco is an Italian restaurant offering superb Italian dishes with a traditional yet modern approach. Our professional team of chefs and co-workers is ready to offer the very best foods and wines from all regions of Italy, or superb pizza right from the stone oven. Every evening, you also have the opportunity of trying some of the interesting creations and specialities of the head chef.

About us

Over the ten years of its existence, Ristorante Prosecco has far surpassed its concept of an Italian restaurant, in part thanks to its location in Prosek having become a sort of point of transition between the harmonious countryside and the never-ending bustle of the pulsing big city. It is sensuous and temperamental, yet at its core radiates a family sense of wellbeing and friendliness – just like Italy. The restaurant would like to continue to be such a place. A place offering the best food in the world at reasonable prices and a place which does not care how you dress. Simply put, a place where you will feel at home in informal yet stylish surroundings.