Interior design

Part of the perfect experience from the dishes which our chefs prepare for you is without a doubt also the surroundings in which you enjoy our specialities. We believe that the perfect harmony of all “elements” is the key to an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

The interior design of Ristorante Prosecco was created by the architect Barbora Vančurová, also drawing on the experiences of the co-owner Zdeněk Šulc who has imprinted his many years of experience in operations on the functionality of the interior design. Inspiration for the design came from a love of the beauty of the Italian countryside with the aim being to combine the modern architecture of the Prosek Point building as sensitively as possible with the pleasant and cosy interior of the Italian restaurant. Light and dark shades of natural colours, solid wood, fine leather and paper give off a feeling of peace and calm to each and every visitor. A dominant feature is constituted by lighting in the shape of paper fusilli by the world-famous lighting designer Ingo Maurer. The dominant wooden mirror frame made of driftwood or the vase from a palm trunk catch your eye in a congenial and unobtrusive manner and underline the elegance of the calm surroundings. The wine humidor is a modern interior feature with colourful reflections glancing off the superb wines contained there, often enticing your gaze to investigate more thoroughly.

It did not take long to link the Prosek district of Prague and the renowned name of the delicious sparkling wine Prosecco when choosing the name of the restaurant. Watching the delicate bubbles in a glass of delicious Prosecco is just as pleasant as a visit to our establishment.